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Hume Sweet Hume

Lizza and Jenna

Sisters…. Designing, knitting and living on the edge.

Welcome to Our Blog

Lizza and JennaWe are the Hume sisters, Lizza (me – left) and Jenna (her – right) and we live and work on our Island home of Westray in the Orkney Islands (located in the top right corner of the weather map in a box just below The Shetland Islands) in other words………. on the edge.

Hume Sweet Hume is our Knitwear design business, and  from our workshop which is situated in the village of Pierowall,

Hume Sweet Hume cushionsWe design and knit clothes and accessories ‘for you and your home’.

Having completed our Art degrees we both felt a strong pull to return to our island roots. “It shouldn’t matter where you are as long as you have a passion for what you do and the determination to make it work”.  These were my final words as I left Art School, naïve perhaps, but never the less said with conviction.

We both some took some time assessing what we would do with our lives. Then, one summer, Jenna travelled to America for a short course and from a beach on Deer Island she rang me and said …….ok, let’s start our business.

So here we are nearly 17 years on, still passionate, still determined and still loving where we are and what we do

Hume Sweet Hume Shop

Stones-webWe hope that you will join us in our blogging adventure.

We have lots to learn and we acknowledge it may be exhausting at times (we are good at making a short story long) but we would like to share some of our stories, inspirations, passions, experiences and all that makes life good whilst living and knitting on the edge 😉

So hop on, there is room for some more but hold on tight.

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